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Technological Enhancements

Kreative Hospitality supplies its own computers and software for running each of its telemarketing programs. We have designed our own database program for recording members details which is updated during a program on a daily basis.

We supply a printed and updated membership list to the Sales, Food and Beverage and Room divisions in the hotel on a monthly basis.

Our software enable us to print members details in alphabetical order, numbered order, under company name in alphabetical order and by district using members post codes. When the hotel wishes to send out flyers and mail outs, postage labels can be printed under the same categories.

The database is a powerful tool and a worthy investment to be segmented and targeted, a no cost investment that is retained and owned by your hotel at the conclusion of the program.

Kreative Hospitality has a fully developed Membership Tracking procedure of sale tracking enhancement program that can record all your restaurant and room membership usage. Through this system total and individual usage can be tracked to guarantee accurate results so that your sales, food and beverage, and rooms departments will be able to target and reward membership loyalty and more revenue can be generated through further direct promotions.