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Services Provided

Loyality Preogrammes

Loyalty / incentive programs have proven to increase business and build customer loyalty. A typical program would provide both recognition and reward benefits. We customize and manage programs. This includes benchmarking, conceptualization, branding, training, processing – database management, direct mail activity and customer service. We specialize in marketing 5 star, 4 star Hotels and Resorts through our telemarketing team.

What is loyalty programme

Loyalty program are structured marketing efforts that reward and therefore encourage, loyal buying behavior, which is potentially of benefit to the Hotel.

Loyalty marketing is an extension of that effort, relying upon word of mouth and advertising to draw upon the positive experiences of those exposed to loyalty business model inspired ventures to attract new clients. It is a quality of product or services leads to clients satisfaction loyalty which leads to profitability.

Loyalty marketing is an approach to marketing based on strategic management, in which a company focuses on growing and retaining existing customers through incentives. It all form part of the customer proposition.

The primary goal for most loyalty programs is the acquisition of information relating to their customers' spending habits, while the secondary goal is to actively cultivate loyalty amongst customers to ensure they continue patronizing the business.

Loyalty program is a state of the transaction technology and the right marketing know-how to increase sales, improve customer retention reduce transactional cost and create

It is a plastic card, visually similar to a credit card that identifies the card holder as a member in a loyalty program of the hotel.

Telemarketing for Customer Aquisition

Direct Marketing, PR or Mass Media offer a pull strategy while telemarketing is the PUSH strategy. Several products and concepts are not bought. These have to be sold. Telemarketing is an efficient way of getting to your potential customers with a powerful and well-delivered value proposition.

Our telemarketing managed well includes:-

Our approach to Relationship Building is:-


This determines potential market demand for a project or a product or service. It includes socio-economic analysis, review of area’s economy relative to demand, current and future demand and supply, estimated market share attainable with an estimate of current and potential demand drivers. Our reports can also be used by third party Lender’s or Investors and include full disclosures with supporting rationale.


We develop or refine Marketing Plans and programs. These cover all the elements of marketing and contain action plans with milestones. We provide ongoing reviews and course corrections, directing day to day sales and marketing efforts to achieve the desired objectives.

The efficiency of our sales team is based on the direction, timeliness, quality and quantity of its sales calling.


This is an option for companies wanting a presence in the market without infrastructure investments. Kreative Hospitality offers services in a modular fashion. The basic service is private label telephonic response with mail drop and forward. Additional modules can include brochure request fulfillment, sales leads generation, data base management and telecalling.